Dilijan, 2022 Territory development

Dilijan City Park Renovation Project

About the project

Dilijan City Park is the main town’s public space. At the moment, the park does not meet modern standards of improvement. In 2022, within the Dilijan Comprehensive Development Program Impulse Management Company initiated a park renovation project.

Renovated city park with varied infrastructure and event program will increase the quality of life of citizens and will attract tourists, will create an impulse for the development and improvement of neighbouring territories of the city, will logically connect them with a pedestrian infrastructure.

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Impulse management company together with the Project Group 8 develop the territory of the park in the scope of the logic of participatory design — local residents, representatives of the administration, business and expert community jointly define the goals and objectives of the development of the territory. Due to this approach, it will be possible to find solutions which will consider requests of all the user groups of the park. 

During the preparation for the project, the team of architects, in partnership with the Socies sociological center and urban media Urbanista.am, conducted 

  • 32 express interviews with park visitors

  • 29 personal and group interviews with citizens 

  • 12 focus groups

  • 3 city-wide discussions

267 questionnaires from citizens were collected regarding their opinions and requests. In total, more than 600 people took part in the work on the park development concept.

The study of park users and their needs in the framework of the scoping study identified five main requests from the residents of Dilijan, which were reflected in the project:

1. The park should work in any weather (sheds from the rain, comfortable paths, and infrastructure for winter recreation are needed).

2. The park needs areas for creativity and study.

3. The park lacks conditions for interaction with water (piers and boats, an open embankment, and regulated fishing).

4. The park should create points of contact between the city and the forest (outputs to hiking trails, connection with Dilijan National Park).

5. The park is a visiting card and image of Dilijan (a reflection of the culture, history, identity of the city).

The project initiators are Impulse management company and Dilijan city park team, the project developer is Project Group 8 team, the media partner is Urbanista.am.

The Dilijan City Park renovation project is implemented within the Dilijan Development Program, launched by Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend in 2012.

The full program for the renovation and development of Dilijan City Park, sociological research, the results of city discussions, as well as a feedback form for ideas and suggestions are available on the official website of the project.

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1. Entrance area
2. New Cafe #2
3. New TIC
4. Boat rental
5. Amphitheatre by the lake
6. Art space, lecture hall
7. Space Balcony
8. City square with amphitheatre and stage
9. Park administration, rental
10. Event glade
11. New bridge
12. Amphitheatre by the river
13. Outdoor coworking space
14. Balconies over the water
15. Natural riverside
16. Landscape park
17. Forest school
18. Streetball, table tennis
19. Sports ground
20. Workout zone
21. Petanque
22. Bridge renovation
23. Circular canopy
24. Yoga glade
25. New driving range
26. Adventure garden
27. Secret garden
28. Rock Cafe
29. Swings
30. Glade by the sun
31. Hammocks
32. Playground
33. VereV Rope Park
34. Ditaran Immersive dome
35. Back office
36. Skateboard area
37. Entrance square
38. Amphitheatre on the slope
39. Grandstands
40. Football field
41. Outdoor training equipment
42. New changing rooms, sections and rentals
43. Indoor multipurpose area


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