Impulse Management Сompany sums up the results of the year

Launching a football academy and coworking space, holding festivals and competitions, developing the tourist brand of Dilijan and Tatev, building residential complexes and opening of public spaces — Impulse Management Company sums up the results of its directions in 2023. 

Business management  

In order to implement projects of this direction, Impulse Management Company set up a subsidiary company Impulse Business Management. Important and key objects of the tourism industry of Armenia came under its management. Here is the list of them — the world’s longest reversible cable car “Wings of Tatev”, popular HoReCa projects in Dilijan: Cafe #2 and guest complex Toon Armeni, the longest rope park in Armenia VereV and Dilijan City Park. 

In fall 2023, “Wings of Tatev” won the prestigious World Travel Awards for the second time. Officially recognised as the “World's Leading Cable Car Ride”, the Wings of Tatev remains a non-profit project. All funds from its operation are still applied towards the restoration of the Tatev Monastery and the development of the local community. wingsoftatev.jpg In June, Tatev hosted the first of its kind in Armenia immersive festival “In the Mountains”, dedicated to the history and legends of Syunik. The festival made it possible to show important historical events of Tatev through theatrical performances, revive long-forgotten arts and crafts of the region and show unknown locations of Tatev. 

2500 people attended the festival. The event helped attract a large flow of tourists to Syunik, local craftsmen and small business owners received a new source of income by selling their products at a specially organized fair. 

The life of the Dilijan City Park is becoming more and more active. This year it hosted the Summer Music Fest, the finish of an international cycling race and a kids book festival. Thanks to cooperation with five representatives of small businesses in Armenia, funds were raised for the development of the park in 2023 and new jobs were created. Also, the local community actively participated in the launch of new and renovation of existing facilities of the Dilijan City Park. Thus, an area for playing petanque was opened by active citizens. The Dilijan City Park coworking space hosted 43 events: exhibitions, educational lectures and master classes. 

The number of visitors to VereV rope park has increased, this year there are 8% more than in 2022. Due to this, the park’s revenue has increased by 20% compared to last year. 


In 2023, more than 95 000 people visited the most popular cafe in Dilijan, Cafe #2. For the third year in a row, Cafe #2 has been a leader in the rating of restaurants and cafes on TripAdvisor. Cafe #2 continues its initiative to improve the education of its employees. Administrative staff received professional training in restaurant management. And chefs have learnt new cooking techniques at special courses. 

Following the principle of social responsibility, the Cafe supported its young employee Aharon in making his own film "Beyond Chaos" about the achievements, losses and realities of the Armenian people over the past 120 years. Within the collaboration with Dilijan Community Center (DCC) and UWC International College, the Cafe has implemented a number of volunteer initiatives to support youth projects. 

The number of guests at Toon Armeni complex in 2023 was a record high. It increased by 20% compared to the previous year. A new deluxe room was added to the room stock of the guest complex.  

Toon Armeni actively cooperated with educational institutions, public organisations and domestic tour operators.  

Workation Toon Armeni co-working centre — a new space for comfortable work and study, meetings for exchange of experience and knowledge — was opened at the guest complex. Over the year, more than twenty lectures, masterclasses, entertainment and corporate events were held here. 

Territory development 

In 2023, Impulse Management Company began construction of Mountain Terraces in Dilijan, a premium-class residential complex with a comfortable, safe and high-tech infrastructure. The first phase of 22 apartments will be commissioned at the end of 2024. The second stage of the complex is at the development stage. Its concept is to expand the housing stock, available only to residents of the club house. There are plans to create a hub in the surrounding areas, consisting of an apart-hotel and other commercial facilities. 

mountain terraces.jpg

The project follows the principles of sustainable development, which will help strengthen the Dilijan image as an attractive place for permanent residence. The apartment sales are implemented by CityNest Property Management. The financial partner of the project is Ardshinbank. 

As part of this direction, the renovation of the Dilijan City Park continues. In February, a final public discussion with citizens and a presentation of the project for the development of the main green public space and leisure area of ​​the city took place. The construction of “Rock”, an all-season climbing complex and a family cafe, continues in the park. 

The team took part in the Npatak summer architectural school, offering architecture students a solution to a case: the development of a territory in Dilijan for a multifunctional residential complex Meteoteque. 


All Impulse Management Company’s initiatives are based on the principle of open dialogue with residents. In autumn, the company opened its public office in Dilijan Impulse Space. It became an exhibition and discussion platform dedicated to the history of the city, modern local startups and future development plans of Dilijan. 

Social responsibility 

The direction is implemented by “Dilijan Development Foundation” (DDF). It develops long-term charitable, environmental and cultural initiatives that impact the socio-economic development of Dilijan. 

At the beginning of the year, DDF opened the Impulse children's football academy, which trains 200 children from 5 to 16 years old and adults — the men's team plays in the amateur league of Armenia. 


Jointly with “Dilijan Community Center” and the Dilijan Municipality, on the eve of the New Year, DDF held eight free New Year's performances for the children of Dilijan and surrounding villages, also organizing a charity fundraiser for sweet gifts. 

The Foundation supported a number of social initiatives for Dilijan: a children's football camp, the FIDE 99 chess tournament, a lecture-concert by the famous musicologist Mikhail Kazinik, a performance by the National Academic Choir of Armenia, a concert by students of the Romanos Melikyan Music College. 

DDF is also involved in the direct improvement of the city. In 2023, the foundation restored the city road. And as part of the Eco Dili environmental initiative, installed protective bars on garbage cans and organized separate waste collection, where by the end of the year 585 kilograms of garbage ready for recycling were collected in this way. 

This year, the Foundation continued to implement a program to sterilize stray dogs in Dilijan. At the Kotopes social veterinary center, 159 dogs were sterilized and vaccinated. In just 2 years of the program, assistance was provided to 300 dogs. 

Tourism development 

Impulse Management Company is engaged in the implementation and support of projects on which the formation of the tourism brand of Armenia depends. One of the company’s partners in this area is the tourism destination management organization GoToDili. The project is aimed at creating and maintaining a positive image of Dilijan, promoting it as a travel destination, increase the tourist flow and the formation of positive impressions guests of Dilijan. 

GoToDili introduces Dilijan to tourists through a city tour led by locals, excursions to the surrounding villages, stories about the sights, ancient monasteries, hiking in the national park, as well as off-road tours to the mountains surrounding the city. 

In 2023, the Dilijan Tourist Information Centre was taken over by GoToDili, whose services have been used by 4 500 guests of Dilijan from 70 countries in the last six months alone. gotodili.jpg

GoToDili creates new jobs: recent projects have involved 50 residents of the community. At the international business travel and event industry exhibition IFTM Top Resa 2023 in Paris, GoToDili was presented as a successful case study of local management of tourism destination development. 

Another tourism development partner of Impulse Management Company is TimeTo creative agency, an organiser of major festivals that attract a large number of people to Dilijan and help develop local businesses. In the summer of 2023, TimeTo organised two major festivals in Dilijan, which were attended by more than 7 500 guests from all over the world. In July, GASTROFEST took place with the participation of 22 restaurants from different regions of Armenia. And in August — Dilijan Wine Fest, where 40 Armenian wineries and restaurants were presented. 


The formation of a favorable urban environment is an important part of the socio-economic prosperity of cities. Understanding this role, Impulse Management Company in 2023 launched the direction of “landscaping”, which is implemented by its subsidiary company EcoToon. The company provides a wide range of services. Landscaping and improvement of territories, construction and repair of buildings, structures and their utility networks (electricity, water supply and heating), decoration, technical support for events, engineering solutions and cargo transportation — everything that makes human life more convenient and safe. ecotoon.jpg Additional information: 

Impulse Management Company is a holding company that manages assets and investments in real estate development and territorial planning. The company implements investment strategies for development projects, manages commercial products in the hospitality industry, develops a full cycle of residential and commercial property, develops territorial branding, and unlocks the potential of regions through the development of tourism products. For effective and comprehensive solution of all tasks, the company implements projects through its subsidiaries (Impulse Business Management, EcoToon) and in partnership with individual funds and organisations: DDF (social policy), GoToDili and TimeTo (tourism development). Impulse Management Company operates with the support of  the Ruben Vardanyan Foundation. 

Impulse Business Management is a subsidiary of Impulse Management Company, which specialises in managing various tourism infrastructure assets in Armenia. The company's portfolio includes management of such facilities as the world's longest reversible cable car "Wings of Tatev", social cafe Cafe #2, the Toon Armeni guest complex, the Armenia's longest rope park VereV, Dilijan City Park and others.

Dilijan Development Foundation (DDF) is a non-profit organisation established to support and develop public, environmental, cultural and social initiatives in Dilijan. With the support of the Foundation, the children's football academy "Impulse", the environmental initiative EcoDili, the social veterinary center "Kotopös" were launched, and modern and safe playgrounds were built for the residents of Dilijan. 

GoToDili is a destination management organisation. The project is aimed at creating and maintaining a positive image of Dilijan, promoting it as a travel destination, increase the tourist flow and the formation of positive impressions guests of Dilijan. 

TimeTo is a creative agency focused on carrying out large-scale festivals and other activities in Armenia. When selecting locations, priority is given to provincial towns and settlements of Armenia in order to develop internal tourism, attract a large flow of tourists, and support local businesses. 

EcoToon is a landscape and construction company that provides landscaping, maintenance and comprehensive property management services. A subsidiary organisation of Impulse Management Company.