Fundraising has been launched for the construction of a basketball court in Dilijan

There is a large shortage of high-quality sports infrastructure in Dilijan. As part of the park renovation project and at the suggestion of the local community, it is planned to build a full-fledged and safe basketball court. To implement it, a fundraising has been launched on the “reArmenia” platform. Every donation is a contribution to the development of Armenian sports. 


In 2022 a multifunctional site with a workout zone was opened in the Dilijan City Park upon the initiative of the Dilijan Development Foundation and with the financial support of the Gevorkyan family. A well-equipped sports area has become very popular among residents of different ages, providing the opportunity to engage in several sports and having a positive impact on the variety of sports leisure activities for city residents. But increased popularity reduces the availability of the site, and the situation is especially acute around team sports. 


To promote the growing interest in active recreation, it is necessary to expand the space suitable for sports. At city public discussions, it was decided first of all to create a full-fledged basketball court, distributing the traffic of players into specialized zones. It will be built on the site of an old streetball field. This area has not been used for a long time: broken surfaces, lack of basic equipment and lighting make it unsuitable for sports. 

The new site will have everything necessary for a full-fledged game: a rubber surface with markings, professional rings, fencing, light and landscaping of the surrounding area. The basketball court will be an important step in supporting children's and youth sports. It will improve the sports infrastructure of Dilijan, diversify the leisure time of citizens, and contribute to the popularization of a healthy lifestyle.


Fundraising for the construction of a new basketball court is being conducted on the reArmenia platform. Any donation will be a significant contribution to improving the conditions for sports for the residents of Dilijan. Fundraising link.

The construction of a new basketball court is part of the Dilijan City Park renovation project. You can get information about the full renovation project on website